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Past events

2024-06-20 Show me your Architecture: Hockey Canada
2024-05-16 Data Self Service for Data Democratization
2024-03-21 Documents, Databases, Knowledge Graphs, LLMs and Their Common Roots in Natural Language
2024-02-21 CDMP Study Group Winter/Spring 2024
2024-02-15 Your Data is Exposed - 5 Cloud Application Security Risks
2024-01-18 Strategic Digital Transformation: Empowering your Cloud Journey through Data Intelligence
2023-12-14 Wind Energy Digitalization, Opportunities and Challenges for Optimization and Operational Excellence
2023-11-16 My Journey of Digital Transformation as a Non-Data Scientist/Business User
2023-11-04 DAMA Days Canada - Calgary CDMP Exam
2023-11-02 DAMA Days Canada - Calgary
2023-11-02 DAMA Days Canada - Regina
2023-10-19 Good Data, Bad Information
2023-09-21 What is Data Centricity and Why moving to Data Centric Architecture will save your Business
2023-07-20 Semantic journeys: The present status and future vision of the Fortune 500
2023-06-22 A Data Management Endeavor
2023-05-18 What makes a good standard?
2023-04-20 AMA - Ask Me Anything
2023-03-16 How to Build An Analytics Team: The SaskEnergy Analytics Story
2023-02-16 Demystifying Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas
2023-02-15 CDMP Study Group Winter/Spring 2023
2023-01-19 Azure Data Lake and Warehouse Architecture
2022-12-15 Calgary December Social
2022-12-15 Regina December Social
2022-12-15 Digital Twin; The Biggest Data Management-Driven Digital Transformation Opportunity in Oil and Gas Today?
2022-11-17 Evolution of Data Delivery
2022-10-20 DAMA Days Canada 2022
2022-09-15 Innovation Journey at SaskPower
2022-07-21 Deliver an Enterprise-Class Reporting Platform
2022-06-23 AMA - Ask Me Anything
2022-05-19 “Data Strategy” with Dr. Peter Aiken
2022-04-28 Data and Movement Informatics for "Cooperative Truck Platooning Systems" - A Trial
2022-03-17 The National Information Exchange Model
2022-02-23 CDMP Study Group Winter/Spring 2022
2022-02-17 AI Ethics & Data Dilemmas
2022-01-20 Data Literacy - What it is and why we need it
2021-12-16 DAMA Calgary Virtual Christmas Gathering (Sask.)
2021-12-16 DAMA Calgary Christmas Gathering
2021-11-18 Bringing Unstructured Data to the Data Party
2021-10-21 How to Use a Faceted Business Glossary Graph to Improve Intranet Search
2021-10-13 CDMP Study Group 2021
2021-09-16 AI Governance – An Implementation Use Case
2021-08-19 Blockchain for the DBA & Data Professional
2021-07-15 Telling your data Story with Scott Taylor
2021-07-15 Annual General Meeting
2021-06-17 Considering the Cloud with Simon Pane
2021-05-20 DAMA Edmonton presents - Insurance Fraud with Joseph Paul, Peace Hills Insurance
2021-04-15 Data Strategy with Samir Sharma
2021-03-25 Data Security - assuring protection for your data sources & data flows from internal and external actors.

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